Mobile Photography and Video: Capturing the Moment faster and easier

Our brains process images 6000 times faster than words, and videos even faster. Is it any wonder then that photo and image-sharing social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, and video-content based sites like YouTube have been a global phenomenon, and are still rising in popularity faster than any other sites?
In fact, so obvious was this trend early on to those in the know that Facebook bought Instagram after just two years of operation for a staggering $1 billion, and Google picked up YouTube while not far from a start up from a couple of young guys for a snappy $2 billion.
The price tag for these two sites reinforces to us the power of photos and videos on the web, and social environment.
More and more of us are sharing images with our friends, relatives, and colleagues; taking images on our mobiles and texting one another. On a planet with around 6.8 billion people, we’re likely to see 5 billion cell phone subscriptions this year alone.
Not so long ago, we marvelled at amazing, spontaneous images taken by early adopters and professional photographers on digital cameras and smart phones, and asked ourselves ‘how do they do that?’. But today, thanks to technology that makes taking a great shot much easier, many of us have been bitten by the photography bug. We’re capturing some fantastic moments, and want to make our photographic style even sharper.
I recently caught up with Matt Kemp, a professional photographer, who last year launched a photography course app for the iPhone. Matt explains: “The app means that phone users will always have instant access to professional advice and they can conveniently switch between camera and ‘classroom’ while out taking photos in any situation”
He also tells us that it is the: “First iPhone Photography tutorial app made specifically for iPhone camera users. It teaches the key principles of photography and how to apply them to an iPhone.”
There are a lot of great apps out there that can help us to fine tune our mobile photo and video taking skills. Camera course is one of these sites and I highly recommend you check it out.
A lot of business also involves the management of images on mobile devices. The speed and accuracy of images and videos means decisions can be made a lot quicker and in turn more accurate.
Photographic and video mediums are becoming more and more integrated with our business as well as our personal communications. Consider developing and refine your skills in this medium and learn how to get the very best out of the tools you have at your disposal.
By taking a look at the site and app referenced above, and looking further around online, I can guarantee you’ll find your photography and image management skills improve dramatically. This will be very useful in a professional sense – and in a personal sense, might just fire up a passion for photography – and give you some incredible snaps of the kids or grandkids!

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